Eric M. Attias

Eric M. Attias, the founder of Forepont, serves as Managing Partner and Chairman of the investment committee. Previously Eric served as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Board Member of Société Générale Asset Management, Inc (“SGAM”), a wholly owned subsidiary of French banking group Société Générale, which he joined in 2002.

In 2009, Eric co-founded Nexar Capital, a global asset manager, and served as its CIO and as CEO & Board Member of Nexar Capital LLC. Nexar, with offices in New York, London, Jersey and Paris, was acquired by Swiss banking group UBP in 2012.

Eric was then appointed CEO & Board Member of UBP Asset Management LLC and CIO of UBP Alternative Investments.

Prior to SGAM, Eric held senior positions at various Investment Banks. At Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, based in New York, Eric was an EXCO IB member and the Managing Director of the NBG Group. In addition, Eric was the executive board member, CIO and a driving force behind the DrKW Strategic Private Equity fund, investing in Fintech start-ups.

Eric holds an MBA from Columbia University and studied advanced mathematics & computer science as a recipient of the prestigious Rothschild and Bischofsheim scholarships. He taught or spoke at various universities.