Our Services

We offer a wide range of services for all customers, including governments.

BioSpeedia specializes in developing rapid assays since several years for both antibody and antigen detection and has developed academic and industrial strategic partnerships. The BioSpeedia assay-development offers range from a simple assay-feasibility project to a full-scale development project including:

Custom-Conjugation Services

We offer experience in conjugating antibodies, soluble proteins, haptens to concentrated gold nanoparticles (20 and 40 nanometers).

Assay development

Antibody and hybridoma development for your biomarkers

  • In vitro production and purification of monoclonal antibodies
  • Production and purification of polyclonal antibodies
  • Assay optimization on a large variety of sample (saliva, whole blood, serum, tears, urine, feces, biopsy fluids, cell culture supernatant, bacterial broth, etc.)
  • Clinical validation

Custom manufacturing

Because our technology makes a difference, we use our core technologies to bring lab-based assay sensitivity to point-of-use, rapid assays for home tests, drug of abuse and food control tests. These tests can be read visually for quick neg/pos results or with simple instruments for quantitative results