Frederic Samama

In 2006, Frédéric Samama founded Protilab, a 300-technician dental prosthetics laboratory. Protilab developed efficient supply chain processes and was known for its product innovation. Protilab created its own brands of zirconia crown and dental veneers. Protilab also developed an innovative in-house ERP, which was instrumental to sustain its growth.


In 2010, after Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, Protilab launched its Germany subsidiary in Frankfurt to export its model to service the German dentists. As of 2012, Protilab became the leading dental lab in France with around 10,000 dental cases monthly. The group was sold in 2017 to a private Equity Fund. Frédéric Samama is still a member of Protilab’s board, and a significant shareholder in the Newco. Since 2017, the company’s EBITDA has more than doubled with an anticipated listing in 2022. The group is now the second-largest dental lab in Europe